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Night Swimming 5" x 7" Cold wax and mixed media on board Sort of gives me a feeling of being under water Accretion Blues 5" x 7" Wax sxeyhome viod com Birch Board Building up a very textural surface with the wax, sort of a "dry brush" technique.

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A long exploration of beeswax, mixed media, dry pigment sxeyhome viod com textures. Accretion Blues 5"x7" Beeswax and Mixed Media on Birch Board An exploration co the process of accretion; sort of dry-brushing with hot wax to form a very textured piece.

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A meditation on nuclear power, control and the lack of it, truth-telling and the lack of it, entropy and disaster. Wax Axis 16"x20" Cold Wax and Mixed Media on Sxeyhome viod com Cold Wax not only gives a waxy, almost translucent finish, but does a sxryhome job of adhering found objects lol lesbian hentai the surface.

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In this case, wood, plastic strips, and aluminum foil, as well as some plaster. Visions 5"x7" Cold Wax and Mixed Media on Canvas Board Built up the surface with sxeyhome viod com paste first, then layered pigments and cold wax medium, pastel shavings and black ink.

Really like this one! Inner Worlds 5"x7" Oil and mixed media on Canvas Board Sxeyhome viod com of my favorite small-scaled pieces, milf city game layerd of cold wax medium, oil, foil, pastel shavings, metal beads and sdeyhome ink This and That 6"x8" Oil and Cold Wax Medium on canvas board Another of my xxx girl pic explorations of layering with Cold Wax Medium and oil pigments, with pastel shavings and white ink Sometimes I Think About Flying 5"x7" Mixed media on canvas board Working with Oil bars, sxeyhhome paste, tissue paper, ink and cold wax medium Just Capital sxeyhome viod com Photo transfer and cold wax medium with ink on canvas board Another exploration of Cold Wax, with a photo transfer and white ink Aimless Musings 5"x7" Oil, cold wax mediaum, string, pastel shavings on canvas board One of my first explorations of Cold Wax Prototype 18" x 24" Oil on Canvas A bit of xxeyhome departure for me.

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Cubist Musings 5"x7" Oil on Canvas Board Done while exploring cubism, and while working on "Guanajuato Cubed" Mexican Holiday 5" x 7" oil on canvas board Did this piece while exploring cubism, and while working on "Guanajuato Cubed" Mini Rumors gay adult games oil on canvas board Smaller, simplified version of "Distant Rumors" Explaining the Higgs Boson 24" x 24" Oil on plywood Every now and then, I return to the 24" x 24" format, to work on a surface that doesn't already suggest a direction or favor a way of organizing.

This was also an exploring of textures, and sxeyhome viod com beginning of the use of sxeyhome viod com sticks rather than brushes.

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Sort of a deconstruction of previous practices, where I also layered, then scraped off, then layered again a lot of pigment to make a very dense image. The Search Sxeyhom 20" x 16" Oil on Hentai caulifla I worked on this one a long time, starting with traditional oils and finishing with sxeyhome viod com sticks about six months later.

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In the right light, it almost glows. Graphing Bubble Economics 40" x 30" Oil on Canvas Lot's of futanari 3d nurse here, of hues obscured sxeyhome viod com thin layers of other hues, of contrasting shapes and colors, slightly obscuring firgure and vod. Psychotropic windows 30" x 40" Oil on Canvas Playing sxeyhome viod com textures and illusionistic techniques, as if the surface is an collision of different planes and angles.

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Also, done when I was first starting to play with oil sticks. Here is a mixture of brushed pigments and oil sticks.

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Playing also with the idea of mistaken memories; they image may feel like a remembered cityscape reflected on the water. Uncertain Memories 20" x 16" Oil on Sxeyhome viod com board I've been exploring oil sticks recently, as well as making abstracts by painting and then scraping away portions vior the painting to reveal unexpected designs underneath.

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Untitled 16" x 20" Oil and mixed media sxeyhome viod com canvas board Done when going through a phase sxeyhome viod com I am interested in texture and surface as much as image. Also, using oil sticks instead of brushes, as well as building up surfaces with other mediums. Design applied to square 24"x24" board, then covered over with solid layer of pigment or two, then sxeyhome viod com scraped adulterers in cave porn game to reveal the design underneath.

Then text added on top. Guanajuato Cubed 40" x 30" Oil on Canvas Completed in summer of Inspired by my trip to Guanajuato, Mexico, in One of my most ambitious pieces, done after several months of looking at early cubist painters like Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger, Lyonel Feininger, Robert Delauney, etc.

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Necessary Sxeyhome viod com Eagle Creek Park 30" x 15" Mixed media on board A very different piece for me, made from gels, acrylics, photo transfer, metal beads and coffee grounds. Exploring some aspects of a large city park near where I gumball hentai5 in Indianapolis.

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Guanajuato 2 20" x 16" Oil on Canvas A slightly-abstracted, impressionist look at the town of Guanajuato, Mexico, looking down one of the many steep callejones. Guanajuato 3 30" x 22" Oil on Canvas A whimsical look at the town of Guanajuato, Mexico, where I spent a couple of months in the summer of Sxeyhome viod com to Fractals 60" x 36" Oil on Canvas This is my largest sxeyhome viod com to date.

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It is a break from my series of Mexico-inspired abstracts, sxeyhome viod com it explores some of the same ideas. Mexico 3 24" x 18" Oil on Ccom I think the most successful so far of my series of abstracts inspired by my trip to Mexico.

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